Monday, March 19, 2018

Lousy Smarch Weather

Ireland weather snow beast from the east
It would be incredibly easy to blame lack of updates because of the weather, so I will...

"Beast from the east" aka we had some shnow, has past us. As is customary for these type of weather patterns, skaters up and down the country, rekindled their grá of the "snow-skate" (aka sledboarding, deck the halls... etc). And, judging by the Instagram stories I'd seen, ya all took to the snow and ice more than the previous rare snow falls. See yours truly with @eamonnobct PhD, @rosstagram, and Dublin's @minte1916. Snow-skate Ireland Compilation soon? ;)

You've probably seen Nyjah Huston's video entry for Tokyo 2020 by now, incredible skating obvs, but Ty "Is there anything to be said for another slowmo?" Evans was the filmer and editor, and naturally some shots were hilarious... like that The Nyjah Look™

Speaking of the Olympics, this is old now in "Internet time", but Freeskatemag did a interesting/strange/lol wut? interview with "France's Olympic Skateboarding Coach."
...only twenty skaters will make it to the 'street' contest in the Olympics. That's four per continent. Only four Europeans will take part in the street skating event at the Olympics.” Good luck!

Shout out to my boys Nearly Gnarly, being productive as ever.

Trailer for 'Servants of the State', a Cork scene vid by Sam Curtain.

#upgrademillenniumskatepark news: Not really, Councillors are still being contacted, but their response has slowed. We have had some help in applying for various funding opportunities recently so we'll see where that'll take us. Please keep signing X

Hope you all spat out a forty for William Patrick's Day

P.S. Sidewalk gallery full of #Irishskateboarding photos that have featured in the mag.

P.S.S. lol @ U.S.

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